MGTSND 01-23-2012 / Sleepwalker

This week you’ll hear from local act Sleepwalker. This performance was recorded on January 23rd, 2012.

Sleepwalker plays host to a post-hardcore sound that can only strike you as slightly creepy yet also engrossing. Through loopy guitar riffs and howling vocals, the band supplies a sound unique to the current Morgantown landscape, making them one of the more popular acts on the scene.

The band is composed of:

David Bello
Will Foreman
Tyler Grady
Patrick Manzi
and Jason McCarty

A special thanks goes out to Sleepwalker for their time. Here’s the performance. Live from the Gluck.

You can sit back and enjoy the entire performance, or use the following time code to jump around.

Ice Skater – 1:15
Red Balloons- 3:43
Shifting of the Poles- 7:10
6s- 9:43
Diceman Cries- 14:05
Breakup Song – 17:10
Cold Feet – 20:02
Dead Things – 22:37
Burn Up in a Car – 25:00
Emile Ajar- 28:45
John’s Lament – 31:10
Dirty as Hell – 34:19

Also, check out the band’s Bandcamp page. Thanks once again to Sleepwalker!

Recorded and mixed by John Casey.


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