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MGTSND 04-09-2012 / Coyotes In Boxes

photo by steven sherer

On this episode, you’ll hear a performance from Coyotes in Boxes, an indie rock band from Huntington, WV. This was recorded on April 9th, 2012.

Coyotes is made up of Kyle Baughman, Steven Holland, Sean Knisely and Chris Miller. Currently, the band is in the process of recording their first studio album, which they hope to have out in the near future.

Composed of a few acoustic guitars, a unique arrangement of percussion and a flute, this band puts off a sound somewhat familiar to that of Arcade Fire’s.

We’d like to thank Coyotes in Boxes for performing. This is the performance, live from the Gluck.

Listen HERE.

You can sit back and enjoy the entire performance, or use the following time code to jump around.

Thantatopolis – 1:17
Little Beasties – 6:10
Rocking Horse Winner – 9:34
There is a Darkness – 13:53
Brother Sun, Sister Moon – 17:26
Angels – 20:53
Words – 25:23
Race – 29:37

You can also check out the band on Facebook.

Recorded and mixed by John Casey.

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U92 Presents: Interview w/ Skeletonwitch

U92 brought Athens, OH metal band Skeletonwitch to 123 Pleasant Street, and before they took the stage, station DJs John T.K. Scherch and Jeremy Jenkins interviewed the band.

Listen HERE.

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Math The Photos

In case you wanted more Math The Band, here’s a gallery of images from their recent house show in Morgantown. All photos are by Jacob Peirce.

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U92 Presents: Interview w/ The Avett Brothers

photo by emily meadows

Station DJ Carly Parana interviewed the band before their performance at West Virginia University’s Creative Arts Center. Give it a listen.

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MGTSND 04-09-12 / Ashley McMillen

On this episode, you’ll hear a performance from singer/songwriter Ashley McMillen recorded on April 9th, 2012.

Ashley’s a Morgantown native who now resides in Charlottesville, Va, but she came back to town recently to promote her new EP “Now I Know.” The EP features 5 songs with a full backing band, but for this Morgantown Sound session Ashley simply brought along an acoustic guitar and her voice. Ashley works within the genre of country music, and much of her record focuses on themes of family as well as roots.

We’d like to thank Ashley for dropping by to perform.

This is the performance. Live from the Gluck.

You can sit back and enjoy the entire performance, or use the following time code to jump around.

Poor Thing – 1:22
Now I Know – 4:48
So Lucky – 7:58
It Makes Sense – 11:36
Momma – 17:00

Also, check out Ashley’s website.

Recorded and mixed by John Casey.

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Math the Band Rock the House

No fear. Even if you missed Math the Band’s Morgantown house performance, you can still catch a glimpse thanks to Alex Trafecante and Jacob Peirce’s awesome video.



U92 Presents / Interview w/ Math the Band

Math the Band played a house show in Morgantown last week, and before so, the duo paid U92 a visit. U92 Music Director Derek Rudolph hosts this interview and talks to the band about their new album as well as touring.

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U92 Presents / Interview w/ Freeway

Hours before his Morgantown performance, rapper Freeway stopped by the U92 station to be interviewed on The Urban Diner, U92’s hip hop specialty show.

Freeway has spent time with Roc-A-Fella records, worked with Jay-Z and now resides with Rhymesayers Entertainment and G-Unit Philly. His style has also been attributed to that of Ghostface Killah’s.

Freeway’s latest record, Diamond in the Ruff, is discussed in the interview as well as his association with the Muslim faith. The interview was hosted by U92 Urban Diner Director Stephen Hoops.

Listen HERE.

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Artist Feature: Sly Roosevelt

photo by alec berry

By: Emily Meadows

The southern West Virginia music scene tends to get a reputation for folk-country, or roots rock with strings playing across the hills of the Appalachian Mountains.

Sly Roosevelt is not that band.

“We didn’t have much difficulty breaking into the Huntington music scene, people are more receptive to new ideas and a fertilized ground,” said guitarist Josh Sanders, “so far, people like what we do.”

With a diverse punk style, the indie band from Huntington, West Virginia is anything but ordinary. The self-proclaimed “experimental” five-piece band combines pensive lyrics with abrasive vocals to generate powerful, guitar-heavy breakdowns that jump outside of the traditional punk boundaries.

The band travelled upstate to play a boisterous show in the Gluck Theater for Morgantown Sound on April 12, and certainly left an impression well after their departure.

Even from the start of their set opener, “Lion”, the earsplitting track already displayed how dynamic their sound was, with riotous, in your face guitars to mid song heavy percussion. It was apparent there was something distinctive that set them apart from modern punk and post-hardcore groups of today.

photo by alec berry

“We want the audience to feel like they’ve went on an adventure,” said guitarist and lead vocalist Sean McDaniel.

“The music is intended to be impactful, we want to put as much of ourselves out there as we can and get through to the audience in some way,” adds Sanders. “We want to create new things and keep reinventing music.”

Performing together for 3 ½ years now, Sly Roosevelt is made up of two strident, thrashing guitars, chaotic percussion, keys and an ever-present bass. While all the members began playing music in separate projects, it is clear they have all dedicated their focus to the success of Sly.

Their largest performance to date has been their electrifying show at the inaugural Huntington Music and Arts festival. In addition, they have participated in multiple tri-state charity events including the Robert Maynard Benefit Concert, Music for Monica and Megan Rocks.

But the road to success hasn’t been an easy one.

All members still hold their various day jobs, while working diligently to write and record new music, as well as find the time to tour and perform. Prior to the release of their debut EP, the band stayed up an extra 8-10 hours each night building their own recording studio that they constructed from scratch.

“We still support ourselves, no sponsorship yet,” said Sanders, “but we’re getting really positive response from home, Columbus, New Jersey, Athens and surrounding areas. We’ve made wonderful friends and have had wonderful experiences.”

Finding inspiration in everyone from Outkast to Spencer Krug and the White Stripes, the band’s chief songwriter, vocalist Sean McDaniel, has pulled elements from this eclectic musical insight and personal experience to craft the bands’ expressive lyrics.

“I write about a desperate longing for something; to get out, to get somewhere, find something different, then lasso it into the universe and write a song,” said McDaniel.

After active studio time, ample support, and what bassist Alex Durand referred to as lots of “positive stress,” Sly has completed their full length, 12 track album “Animal Tracks” set for release on May 25.

While it was collectively agreed there will always be ongoing challenges to success, though little things will inevitably pop up, they believe with determination they will continue to prevail – and with a bit of luck from a tri-state to national scale.

photo by alec berry


MGTSND 04-02-2012 / Sly Roosevelt

photo by alec berry

This week you’ll hear from Sly Roosevelt . This performance was recorded on April 2nd, 2012.

The members of Sly Roosevelt come from Huntington, West Virginia, and while that’s a few hours away from Morgantown, they wanted to stop by and perform. So, we said, “why not?”. Blending loud guitars with intense vocals, this band certainly knows how to wake you up and cause a stir.

We’d like to thank Sly Roosevelt for taking the time to perform and making the trek from Huntington.

Listen HERE.

You can sit back and enjoy the entire performance, or use the following time code to jump around.

Lion – 1:10
Trains – 5:03
Hopscotch – 10:00
Cover Me (Bruce Springsteen Cover) – 13:40
Infantile Dreams – 16:40
Tigerswing – 20:15
Elijah – 27:12
Pyramid – 30:22

Also, check out Sly Roosevelt on ReverbNation.

Recorded and mixed by John Casey.

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