MGTSND 04-09-12 / Ashley McMillen

On this episode, you’ll hear a performance from singer/songwriter Ashley McMillen recorded on April 9th, 2012.

Ashley’s a Morgantown native who now resides in Charlottesville, Va, but she came back to town recently to promote her new EP “Now I Know.” The EP features 5 songs with a full backing band, but for this Morgantown Sound session Ashley simply brought along an acoustic guitar and her voice. Ashley works within the genre of country music, and much of her record focuses on themes of family as well as roots.

We’d like to thank Ashley for dropping by to perform.

This is the performance. Live from the Gluck.

You can sit back and enjoy the entire performance, or use the following time code to jump around.

Poor Thing – 1:22
Now I Know – 4:48
So Lucky – 7:58
It Makes Sense – 11:36
Momma – 17:00

Also, check out Ashley’s website.

Recorded and mixed by John Casey.

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