MGTSND 04-16-2012 / RULE

On this episode, you’ll hear a performance from RULE recorded on April 16th, 2012.

Made up of three members, RULE delivers a chilled out sound by use of conga drums, bass guitar and an electric guitar. There songs’ subjects range anywhere from topical issues to an interest in technology. Singer, Raj Chandran, is also a U92 alumnus.

We’d like to thank RULE for performing. This is that performance, live from the Gluck.

Listen HERE.

You can sit back and enjoy the entire performance, or use the following time code to jump around.

Institution of Pollution – 1:19
Generation Retro – 5:36
Speed Trap – 10:06
The Book – 14:43
Smart Phone Luv – 17:49
Cloudytown – 22:38
Personal Fuel – 26:32
Me 2.0 – 31:38
Happiness is a Warm Gadget – 35:28
4G LTE SOB – 39:00
Strike a Poser – 42:49

Recorded and mixed by John Casey.


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