MGTSND 04-16-2012 / The Love Me Knots

On this episode, you’ll hear a performance from The Love Me Knots recorded on April 16th, 2012.

Brian Porterfield, Billy Matheny, Raj Chandran and a man by the name of Punk Rock Bill make up this Morgantown band. They’re in the process of recording a new album, but they took the time to perform for Morgantown Sound and close out our Spring semester. The Love Me Knots are classic rock ‘n’ roll. If you like that, you should listen.

We’d like to thank The Love me Knots for performing. This is that performance, live from the Gluck.

Listen HERE.

You can sit back and enjoy the entire performance, or use the following time code to jump around.

Not Bout You – 1:15
Elbow Bends – 3:43
Drink All Night – 8:14
Don’t Know What I’m Doing – 10:28
I Can’t Think – 13:22
Permanent Finger – 16:49
Watchin’ Wolves – 20:11
Welcome to Good Time – 23:24

You can also check out the band on Facebook.

Recorded and mixed by John Casey.


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