photo by alec berry

Morgantown Sound is a weekly radio show that features Morgantown, West Virginian musicians. The show airs on West Virginia University’s college radio station, 91.7 U92-FM, and features both live performances and pre-recorded songs.

Morgantown Sound has been broadcast on U92 since the mid 1980s and since its inception has seen multiple incarnations as well as multiple waves of Morgantown musicians. Currently, the program seeks to offer the greater Morgantown community a hub for local music via online content and radio play. If anything, Morgantown Sound will make local musicians visible to both Morgantown natives as well as a larger potential audience.

The Recipe, Circle Six, Karma To Burn, The Bare Feet & Co. and the Joint Chiefs all started in Morgantown, and there still remains plenty of potential left to explore. In keeping with our motto, “The New Music Pioneer”, U92’s Morgantown Sound will present that potential and celebrate a music scene that is both local and tangible.

Morgantown Sound is broadcast every Monday between 8 and 10 p.m. EST, and it can be heard at 91.7 FM or online at http://u92.wvu.edu/ .

You can contact Morgantown Sound by e-mailing morgantownsound@gmail.com.

photo by alec berry
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